Renato Cunha is a software developer and researcher at IBM’s Brazilian Research Laboratory. He is passionate about computers and computing and holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and a master’s degree in Computer Science. He usually blogs about technologies, programming solutions and topics he finds interesting related to computing.

Renato tends to be involved with open source development and has contributed to various open source projects, such as dropline GNOME and, more recently, to the mercurial distributed version control system.

Renato’s programming language of choice is Python, even though he also programs professionally in C, C++, Java and anything needed to get a job done.

Renato can be contacted at renatocunha AT For an added layer of privacy, Renato’s PGP key (mirror) can be used. Its fingerprint is

651E 4D9A 9230 DF58 861B 32ED F82D 32CB 18D5 F734.