How to connect your Android devices to an OpenVPN VPN

There are various OpenVPN configuration tutorials around the Internet, this post aims to fill in the gaps on how to configure the OpenVPN server, and OpenVPN for Android clients, while managing a simple firewall configured with UFW running an Arch Linux system.

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Please, don’t use exit(-1)


In the past two weeks I saw a few cases where programmers were telling their programs to exit(), but without fully understanding what their exit codes meant and how they were represented. In this post I’ll explain what I believe to be the right way of doing it …

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Detonando emails duplicados com Python

Apesar de ter me apaixonado pelo Gmail logo que foi lançado, nunca curti webmails1. Por isso, foi um alívio quando o suporte a POP2 e, posteriormente, a IMAP foram adicionados ao serviço.

Assim que o suporte a IMAP foi adicionado, não pensei duas vezes e o adotei. Só …

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