Non-stationarity and bandit algorithms

I’ve been (re)reading the second edition of Rich Sutton’s Introduction to Reinforcement Learning, and I’ve decided to do the programming exercises. (Previously, I followed Fermat’s tradition of solving exercises on the margin.)

Exercise 2.5 is nice. It asks us to demonstrate the difficulties that …

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prwlock 0.2.0 released

I just released version 0.2.0 of my process-shared reader-writer lock.

This release’s highlight is the awesome work did by Marcos Assunção to add support for Windows.

We also changed the API so that now you can use the lock by calling from prwlock import RWLock instead of …

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Checking whether a pointer is valid in Linux

Recently I noticed some calls I was making to a certain C API were returning pointers that I thought were invalid. A quick inspection with gdb confirmed my fears. A particular interaction showed:

(gdb) print *job->someMember
Cannot access memory at address 0xec00000005

Unfortunately I don’t have access to …

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